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August 1, 2012
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The final frontier by Andy811 The final frontier by Andy811
Fem Shepard
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nightchildmoonchild 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
It is said that during the Battle of Troy, Homer described Ajax as a wall. No warrior would pass him. Now it is Femshep's turn to become that wall.
This is so cool! I love so many things about this - the setting, the impending doom, the ready stance, standing alone and facing it all alone... but more than anything I love that this is a FemShep with no distinguishable identity. She is... AnyShep! Well... any FemShep!

As such... I would really, really like to ask if there's a way I could use this as one of the banners for a Facebook page I admin called Mass Effect Female Shepard. I'd include mention of you and link to your original here in the photo caption but I'd also share it on the page so that people could see the caption and details. It's just so hard to find anyshep pictures, least of all one that I might be able to turn into a banner!
Hi! I do not mind. Use. Add only a link to the original.
I *finally* got around to making this into a banner for Mass Effect Female Shepard (the Facebook page I admin). It is now here: [link] (visible on the page without the white around the edges).

On Facebook anybody clicking on the picture will see where it has come from (there's link and reference to your original here) and I've managed to make it so that "Artwork used with permission from Andy811..." is visible when the image is in use as a banner.

I've uploaded what I've done to DA too in case you can't access it on Facebook - [link]
PS I'm going to play around with it again (maybe try to cut the text and just take a letterbox slice of your picture and have that alone as the banner) at some point but I'll let you know when I do. I probably won't post it on here though, just drop you a link to it on Facebook as what I'll have done with it will be nothing special. :)
And she'll still win......
shes got this
Awesome work on the details. I love it! :)

For me, this work can be considered as an image of what the end of Mass Effect 3 should have be... The final fight for Earth.
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